Writing over 1000 in a day.

Some authors write thousands of words every day. It’s their main job and source of income, and I applaud them for sticking with it. However, for me, after a brain-draining nine-hour day job, writing one-thousand words in a coherent scene is nothing short of amazing. As a result, this fingers-on-fire kind of thing doesn’t happen often.

On August 6th, I posted on FaceBook that I wrote 1,472 words for a Work in Progress (WIP) I call #ZnT. I’ve been merging files into a first draft for this WIP, but every once in a while, my brain comes up with new scenes to fit into some spot I haven’t gotten to yet. So, I type it into a file with some notes on where it should go in the plot. I’m happy to report that these 1,472 words have found a place in the draft. I’m determined and working really hard to finish this story by the end of 2019. And onward I go!