Life Experienced

Experience life.

Life Experienced is the second of four poetry books released with words penned during high school and college. A young artist, Haleigh, created the cover for this book of poems to depict experiencing life with nature.

An excerpt from Life Experienced.


A babe newly born and full of energy

as a new sports car full of fuel and

ready to go.

Then, he meets new highways

With bumps and potholes on the way

Which causes a pierced tire and confused

spirit wondering what will happen next.

Often pushed on the bumper, he rolls blindly

into the next obstacle.

However, mending of the body and mind is

possible and more fuel is necessary as he

begins to wind down.

The years go by and soon he is a classic

not soon to be forgotten but

Respected even more and enjoyed.

The appearance becomes worn and wrinkled

surely not an undented race car anymore,

only an ornament.

Soon he dies and is carried to the yard

of skeletons as a whole, or dust.

If he is fortunate, a monument of him

will help others remember his energy

until the end of time.

In the hearts and minds of those who live

will he be used to improve upon those

future sports cars to be born.


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