Pricing is based on pages with the following format:

     Times Roman 12 pt. font, Double Spaced, 1 inched margins


          $2.00/page editing (stories)

          $1.00/page (poetry less than 126 words per page)


          $1.00/page (stories)

         $0.50/page (poetry less that 126 words per page)

Payment schedule:

     1/4 up front; 1/4 after first edits; 1/2 after second edits


1) Cassandra is a true master of many crafts and talents. She is an expert editor, a gifted writer and supportive mentor. Working with her on my book, Lady of the Dollhouse has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. She went over my manuscript with a fine tooth comb and discovered so many ways of improving the work. I am indeed fortunate to have Cassandra at my back.

2) I recently had the pleasure of working with Cassandra on the editing of my novel.  She made some excellent suggestions which I feel really enhanced the writing.  I also appreciated that Cassandra respected my wishes on those few occasions where I wanted something left “as is”.  I hope Cassandra will be editing my work again.  Not only is she an excellent editor, but also very understanding and a delight to work with.

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