Encouraging Through Sharing

Encourage each other.

Encouraging Through Sharing: A Christian’s Perspective is one of four poetry books released with words penned during high school and college.  A young artist, Haleigh, created the cover for this book of poems to depict light piercing the dimness sometimes experienced in life.

An excerpt from Encouraging Through Sharing: A Christian’s Perspective.

I Can Do It

‘Though life is short and full of strife,

I try so hard to be just right.

Sometimes I see no light ahead,

But I press on just the same.

Why? Why? I may ask

But I try not to be dissatisfied.

Oh, life can be so hard at times

Dear Lord, guide my life and help me to

Make things right as thou see fit.

Never leave me nor forsake me

Stay right by my side.

Work my mind and my body as you see fit

To overcome the hardships and falls I face.

I may think that it’s too late, but

Let me not think so.

Let me have courage.

Let me have knowledge

Let me have strength

Let me…know that…

“I can do it.”

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