A Love Gift

Love one another.

A Love Gift is one of four poetry books released with words penned during high school and college.  A young artist, Haleigh, created the cover for this book of poems to depict how love can blossom with beauty.

An excerpt from A Love Gift.

Love and a Flower

My love for you is as a bud ready to bloom in

fullness of our radiant friendship.

Never have I known such beauty as that

which we now possess.

Tell me that our love will burst open to

the sunshine in our hearts.

Tell me how to reach out to you in softness

to touch your tender skin.

Even raindrops will not drench my

affection for you.

No…it will fall off and I shall

remain unhurt forever.

Only you can allow this strong bond

between us to grow into perfection.

Why can’t we realize this for eternity?

Why should our love be like a flower

and shrivel and die without nourishment?

Let this not be our love, my sweet.

Let ours be as a rose that lasts in our

hearts unaltered, unbroken, my love.

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