Unexpected Review for “A Beautiful Girl”

I agreed to host the authors of All is Assuredly Well on my blog Cassandra’s Journey. I was totally surprised and grateful when one of the authors sent me the following email.

I bought Beautiful Girl yesterday and couldn’t put it down.  I read it straight through.  I gave you a five-star rating and added a comment to my rating.  I clicked the “Follow” button, too, so I’ll know when your new books come out.  I HATED the step father and LOVED the beautiful girl, beautiful inside and out.  The music parts were authentic.  Marvelous  book!

-Professor Gore, co-author of All is Assuredly Well (June 24, 2018)


Thank you!

Stop over to Cassandra’s Journey and read the interview. Then, check out Professor G’s review on Amazon.

Hello World!

After over six months of transferring content from my previous web pages, I’m finally ready to reveal my now mobile web site. I’ve learned so much by taking the time to learn how to maneuver around WordPress on my own. So worth it.

This is my third revamp, so I’ll let it breathe for a while before doing another overhaul. I hope you enjoy the new look. If not, perhaps you’ll like the next one.

Enjoy your day!